Reform the Zebra Crossing into a Safer Nebra Crossing

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The zebra crossing had some serious drawbacks.

the zebra crossing from the drivers’ point of view

Vedio: a car is running over Zebra Crossing, by Huang Ji, Feb.18, 2018, Shanghai, China

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The white stripes of zebra crossing are parallel to the direction of moving of the vehicles. Due to the perspective effect, these white stripes in the driver's point of view look form a huge forward arrow, suggesting the driver to continue driving or speeding up, rather than suggesting them slowing down.

the related traffic signs

encourging the drivers to speed up

At the same time, the white stripes of zebra crossing are perpendicular to the walking route of the pedestrians, making them mistakenly think there are obstacles on the road, so they can not help but look at the feet, rather than using all their attention to observe and escape from the vehicles.

what pedestrians see

what pedestrians feel

what pedestrians do

In Feb. 13, 2010, BRendan G Barber wrote in his Facebook:

- Ever wonder why when driving a car you speed up when approaching a zebra crossing?

- When travelling by foot do you everfeel a little uneasy when faced with having to cross a zebra crossing?

- Ever had a close encounter on a zebra crossing?

These symptoms are common to millions of people like you and I who life day to day with zebra crossings


In Jan. 26, 2018, Pawan Thapa wrote: Zebra crossing is becoming death zone...its bad

zebra crossing: the result of inertial thinking

I suggest rotating the white stripes of zebra crossing (ZXing) by ninety degrees. This newly designed crosswalk line can be called nebra crossing (NXing), because the letter Z, after turning ninety degrees, becomes the letter N.

size unit: cm, by Huang Ji, 2018

the nebra crossing from the drivers’ point of view

Nebra crossing's white dashed lines, perpendicular to the vehicles' moving directions, will remind drivers to slow down. It is passing the similar information to yield line to drivers: slow down, and, if necessary, yield.

the related traffic signs

give way marks in UK


slow down and yield lines in China

what pedestrians see in the front of nebra crossing

Nebra crossing's white stripes are parallel to the pedestrian's walking direction, allowing them to observe and avoid the vehicles with all their attention.

Nebra crossing has yellow warning lines at both ends, which reminds pedestrians to enter the road carefully.

The use of dashed lines to form the nebra crossing is to avoid misleading pedestrians running across the street.

crosswalk warning lines in USA

crosswalk warning lines in France

The world traffic safety situation is very bad.

accident on zebra crossing

public interest advertising: Every 10 hours a pedestrian doesn't get to the other side.

public interest advertising: One out of ten traffic victims is a pedestrian.

The World Health Organization's Global Status Report on Road Safety 2015 revealed that people who died in traffic accidents in 2013 were as high as 1.25 million, of whom 22% were pedestrians - approximately 275,000 deaths a year globally. Africa's ratio is as high as 39%.

WHO's data, 2015

WHO's data, 2015

According to WHO, an adult pedestrian has less than a 20% chance of dying if struck by a car at less than 50 km/h but almost a 60% risk of dying if hit at 80 km/h.

Another study shows more serious results: a 60% risk of dying if hit at 50 km/h,almost a 100% risk of dying if hit at 80 km/h.

Data source: GB51038-2015, China

Above WHO's report says: Ensuring safety measures are implemented when road infrastructure projects are designed can result in important safety gains for all road users. This is particularly true where road design and maintenance are underpinned by a Safe System approach, that makes allowances for human error.

So, when the traffic marks are being designed, it is very important to think of and prepare for the worst situation.

talking on a cellphone while driving

texting while driving

drunk driving

fatigue and drowsy driving

In March 2010, a Decade of Action for Road Safety 2011–2020 was officially proclaimed by the United Nations General Assembly.

This action's target is saving five millions of lives.

In September 2015 the United Nations launched the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development.

The Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) include two targets that relate to road safety, one in SDG 3 (on health), and one in SDG 11 (on transport for sustainable cities):

3.6. By 2020, halve the number of global deaths and injuries from road traffic accidents.

11.2. By 2030, provide access to safe, affordable, accessible and sustainable transport systems for all, improving road safety, notably by expanding public transport, with special attention to the needs of those in vulnerable situations, women, children, persons with disabilities and older persons.

the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), UN, 2015

It is a hard work to halve the traffic road deaths in a short four-years. Hope the NXing (nebra crossing) will be helpful.


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single picture __ pdf __ ppt (20 Mb) __ book: A Life-Saving 90 degrees Rotation (in Chinese)

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